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It’s very rarely that I get the chance to review international artists, but every opportunity I get reminds me how diverse the global music scene is. It also reminds me how so many different countries love similar styles of music; case and point- Brazil’s very own Amenize. After five years they are finally ready to release their sophomore album, Black Sky, on October 15th. While the past five years since…


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São Paulo based metal band Amenize have announced their sophomore album titled Black Sky, which is set to release October 15th. Since the trio’s 2010 release, When Angels Turn Into Demons, exchanging members and several side projects have kept the band quiet, but with no signs of slowing down. In 2014, Amenize’s newest drummer, Danilo Cruz joined, giving the band a complete lineup. Produced and engineered by Adair Daufembach, the eight track album will prove the five year wait was well worth it.

Amenize has also released a new lyric video of their lead single “Black Sky” from the upcoming album which you can watch below.

“‘Black Sky’ is the title song of the album. As a concept album, the story takes place in an alternative world that’s dominated by an institution called Black Sky. The main character is someone like you, like me, like us who simply can’t stand living his life dominated by an invisible force that uses the alienation as it’s powerful weapon. It’s time to face the faceless.” – Brain, Guitarist and lyricist.


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